About Us

How we give meaning to our existence

“Keep your face towards the sunlight, and the shadows will fall behind you”

Walt Whitman

When we look at what type of society we want to build in the future, we must have a comprehensive perspective, where the concepts of Sustainability, Intelligence and Innovation are the most important. If we all cooperate we can achieve a world with environmental sustainability. Since we have the technological means, then we only have to use them with intelligence and commitment.

We are driven by the mission to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through mitigation and adaptation

We direct our management to intelligent performance aimed at achieving maximum efficiency in order to obtain the best results

We implement creative ideas that add value for our clients and to help to achieve the objectives. We work with different companies to find new ways to innovate

At SunRoof we only want to work with companies that are concerned with sustainability issues in the broad sense, that are looking for new knowledge and skills and that are driven by a mixture of creativity and collaboration.

About Us



Francisco Martin

University of Chicago


Nicolás Ibarra

Commercial Engineer
Universidad Católica


Rafael García

Commercial Engineer
Universidad de Chile


Rodrigo Infante

Civil Electrical Engineer
Universidad de Santiago


Sergio Ibarra

Universidad Diego Portales


David Lorentzen

Mathematician / Statistician
University of Chicago

SunRoof is a company founded in Chile by partners with extensive experience in innovation, business development and financial structuring. Additionally, in 2019 Lorentzen Investments joined the company. Lorentzen is a United States-based firm that has been investing in solar energy since 1997, and who has invested alongside multiple developers whose projects total over 500 MW of installed capacity.